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About Us

In Spanish, Padrinos means godparents.

Christina Robles grew up in Southern Illinois and moved to St Louis, MO shortly after graduating high school. She remembers home-cooked meals and family gatherings. She is from a diverse family that loves cooking. From American to the many flavors of Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, and Panama, her love for Mexican and Latin food does not fall short. Christina loves cooking. Even her husband agrees that her mole is “almost” as good as his mother’s! Her professional experience in hospitality/service is over 20 years. Perfection is something she always strives for. She will ensure that every bite is worth your trip to Padrinos.

Enrique Robles grew up in Veracruz, a state in the southeastern region of Mexico. As with most people that leave their childhood homes, they often bring with them the flavors of their families’ kitchens. He has combined these memorable moments with over 10 years in Mexican restaurant ownership, cooking, and service to give you a dining experience that will make you come back to Padrinos.

Ciro Trapala grew up in central Mexico. His story is full of similar memories of homecooked meals. He has a true passion for cooking and has been perfecting it for over 10 years. From his childhood home to many Mexican kitchens throughout the country, he continues to build his recipes through each pleasant taste and smell. One of his favorite styles of cooking is California Mexican. Have you tried those crispy tacos? If you haven’t, you better hurry in and get some.

Rafa Rosas also grew up in central Mexico in the heart of it all…Mexico City! He often goes back to visit family and friends and of course eat! He has over 10 years of experience cooking too and his recipes are always mouthwatering. He has amazing ideas up his sleeve. Give him a chance and you will be amazed. He and Ciro make an even greater team in the Padrinos kitchen.

The concept here is simple. Padrinos means “godparents” which signifies love, passion, and commitment. These elements are what make Padrinos the best in Mexican cuisine in St Louis. Bienvenido a nuestra casa. Buen provecho!

Padrinos Mexican Restaurant has combined the best ingredients, expert chefs, and phenomenal customer service to make an experience and ambiance that that will bring you back again and again. 

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide our customers with excellent food, drinks, and exceptional service with an atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home.

Each day we strive to provide a great customer experience by working to enhance our menu offerings and elevating our service to new levels of excellence. 

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